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Here at KIND, we carefully select local suppliers based on their commitment to sustainability. Working with Grandtex Denim on their Project Kind campaign enables us to manufacture products with eco-friendly denim fabrics. Throughout the process of our denim production we use materials that support our sustainable mission such as using:

  • 100% Organic Cotton certified by US Cotton Trust Protocol
  • Garments blended with  Lycra┬« fiber that utilizes recycled plastics and renewable plant-based resources.
  •  Repreve┬« as a substitution to polyester where recycled plastic bottles are chopped, grounded, melted and reformulated into fabric.
  • Recycled cotton from our own waste such as leftover yarns, leftover dyed yarns, and cotton waste from carding.
  • Natural indigo solution on our dying process

We also commit to eco-washing where we reduce water use in our washing processes while making sure that our water waste creates no harm to our environment. Additionally, in the whole denim production process, we implement energy efficient methods.